Customized Glass Solutions for Your Albuquerque Home or Business

Affordable Glass and Mirror is Albuquerque’s top choice for customized glass—doors, windows, store fronts and more. If you need a piece of glass fabricated to your exact specifications and professionally installed, contact us today!

Custom Glass Solutions

We offer both pre-fabricated and fully customized glass, made to order for your specifications. Just give us the dimensions of the glass you need and we’ll handle the fabrication and professional installation. We can handle any request, including glass of different thicknesses, dimensions and shapes to fit the unique needs of your project.

Specialty Customized Glass Products

Aside from standard business glass, we can also handle custom glass orders for specialty products including:

If you’re not sure what would be best for your project, let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect solution. From customized commercial glass for brand new office buildings to window replacement in your retail store, our technicians have the experience and knowledge to handle any job.

Contact Affordable Today

Whether you need custom glass, repairs, replacement or a new installation of customized glass panes, Affordable Glass and Mirror can get the job done right for the right price. We service homes and businesses throughout Albuquerque and we’re happy to work with business owners, homeowners and contractors alike. Contact us today for a free quote!

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