Safety Glass Products in Albuquerque

Glass is a versatile material for home decorating and construction, but standard glass also poses some safety risks. Regular glass breaks in jagged shards with sharp edges, raising the likelihood of injury from broken glass.

There are different methods that can make glass safer, and understanding the various types of safety glass available can help you make the right choice for your project needs.

Cracked glass

Types of Safety Glass

Safety glass is a general term for any glass treated to be safer. There are multiple types available:

  • Toughened or tempered glass, which breaks off into square crystals instead of long shards. Tempered glass is commonly used in the home for shower doors, windows, table tops and more.
  • Laminated glass, which is a combination of glass and plastic. When the glass breaks, it’s held in place by a layer of PVB plastic, which holds the shards in place. This is the type of glass used in automobile windshields.
  • Wired glass, which is made up of glass held together by a mesh of metallic wires. The glass itself is actually weaker than other types of window glass, and it is not shatter resistant. However, wired glass is the most fire resistant option for certain applications like service elevators.

When most homeowners are looking for safety glass, they really want tempered glass. This is a very common material in residential homes, and it is required by law for use in certain areas such as near doors and in showers.

Our Safety Glass Products

Affordable Glass and Mirror provides a number of safety glass products, including shower doors, windows and table tops made from tempered glass. If you’re interested in adding safety glass features to your home, or need a replacement for broken glass, contact us today. We’ll be happy to work quickly to provide you with high-quality service at an affordable price!

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