Albuquerque Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding glass doors provide easy access to your outdoor patios and balconies. They also offer a picturesque, uninterrupted view of the outdoors. For a lot of homes, patio glass doors are the largest single panes of glass in the house, and they can be particularly prone to damage.

Not every sliding glass door repair will involve glass replacement, but when it does, Affordable Glass and Mirror of Albuquerque is your authority for high-quality and competitively priced patio glass doors.

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Common Sliding Glass Door Repairs

Sometimes, patio doors become hard to open. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to have the door serviced to repair the problem rather than exerting extra force and risking a broken door. Most of the time, patio glass doors become hard to open because the track is dirty or bent, or the rollers are broken. These are sliding glass door repairs that can be made fairly easily without needing to replace the door itself.

Count on a Professional for Patio Door Replacement

While some sliding glass door problems can be repaired, broken glass must be replaced. This is a job best left to professionals. In order to replace the glass, you will need:

  • To carefully remove all pieces of broken glass from the door frame and track.
  • A new pane of glass perfectly fabricated to match your door frame.
  • The time and skill necessary to install the glass correctly.

Installing new patio glass doors is a time-consuming and difficult task. To avoid injury and hassles, it’s best to count on the professionals at Affordable Glass and Mirror to do the heavy lifting. We have the experience and tools needed to handle patio door replacement quickly and easily.

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