Decorative Glass for Your Albuquerque Business

Decorative glass doors and windows can add to a business’s atmosphere while still being a functional element of the structure’s architecture. If you’re looking for decorative glass windows to accent a door, frame an archway or otherwise enhance the design of your building, Affordable Glass and Mirror can help.

We are Albuquerque’s trusted source for commercial and residential glass, from energy efficient double-paned windows to fully-custom decorative glass and mirrors. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we can make it to order to fit the specifications of your project.

Types of Decorative Glass

In general, decorative glass acts to allow light through the window while obscuring the view. The glass is cut and shaped in a way that will distort the or totally block the view. Decorative glass doors give you privacy without obstructing light. The glass itself can be stained, frosted or textured for added decorative effect.

Ripply surface of frosted glass in purple

When we make decorative glass windows, we will fabricate individual glass pieces to the right size and shape to it the design of your choice.

We can create anything from a door insert to large stained glass windows; just give us the specifications for your project and we’ll fabricate glass to order.

Repair and Installation

We can handle glass fabrication, installation and maintenance. If you have existing decorative glass doors and windows that need repair, we can match your current style and provide replacement panes. We can also help with sealing and weather-stripping.


Affordable Decorative Glass Doors and Windows

If you’re looking for decorative windows for your home or business, contact us today. We can provide a free quote and help you decide what style of window will be best for your needs.

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