Home Window Repair Services in Albuquerque, NM

Affordable Glass and Mirror is Albuquerque’s trusted source for glass repair and replacement. Our licensed technicians can handle every aspect of home window repair, including:

  • Fabricating and installing new windows.
  • Repairing/replacing worn weather stripping and screens.
  • Installing double-paned windows for improved energy efficiency.

Whether you need glass window repair or replacement, count on Affordable Glass and Mirror to get it done right and at the right price!

Window Repair

Glass Window: Repair or Replace?

In some cases, home window repair can be completed without replacing the glass itself. Certain issues like worn-out weather stripping, blown casements or rattling sashes can be handled on their own. However, when the glass itself is damaged, it’s time to call Affordable Glass and Mirror for a replacement pane.

Home Glass Repair – Not Just for Windows

Aside from windows, Affordable Glass and Mirror can also handle replacement of any other household glass, including shower doors, patio doors, glass table tops and mirrors. If glass has broken in your home, or you want to replace or upgrade a piece of glass, we can provide the custom solution for your needs.

Your Affordable Glass Company

We are committed to providing affordable home glass repair and replacement services, offering high-quality products and service at low prices.

If you need advice on glass window repair and replacement, contact us today! We can help you identify problems with your window and handle the replacement or upgrade if necessary.

Call (505) 246-2997 for advice on your home window repair or replacement.